We took the panini tradition from the old country,
worked hard at making it better using local produce
and carefully baked breads.
We saw our customers smile… the Panino Americano was born.


To share our passion for hand-made meats, cheeses,
and fresh bread with as many people as possible.
Of those, we use a couple of different varieties
of prosciutto, such as smoked (speck) and un-smoked (Di Parma);
our salumi range from mild to strong, and our cheeses are both
fresh and aged – all offered with our own selection of flavourful
home made condiments. Our Italian ciabattina bread is baked each day,
exclusively for our panini and crostini. We also offer a small, but precise
selection of unique wines and beer to compliment our food.

Il Bambino was born eight years ago in the once quiet but multicultural neighbourhood of Astoria, Queens. Just about every ethnic food was represented, name it and you could probably find it here. There was one exception; the humble panino was nowhere to be found. Sure there was the usual impersonators, but nothing worthy of a special trip or mention to a friend. We were determined to change the notion that a sandwich couldn’t be crave worthy and set about recruiting addicts immediately. Painfully slow at first, eventually word got out and here we are today with a second location opening in Greenwich Village and more to come.

Our goal has always remained the same since our inception: to source the best quality ingredients and marry them together in such a way that it creates a one of a kind experience for our customers. Our food defines who we are and it is this that our fans value the most, along with great service and value. We are strong believers in keeping things simple, rooted in letting great ingredients shine. In our flavor pairings, our approach is tireless and we look to create that wow factor to keep all our customers coming back. At the end of the day we are just a sandwich shop, striving to provide you the best. We never set out to create the hype, but, yeah… It’s that good.

– Darren and Melanie Lawless